Citation: Zhang, D. X.; Ding, L.; Yang, F.; Lan, F.; Cao, Y.; Xiang, M. Comparison of the structural evolution of β polypropylene during the sequential and simultaneous biaxial stretching process. Chinese J. Polym. Sci. 2021, 39, 620–631 doi: 10.1007/s10118-021-2534-y shu

Comparison of the Structural Evolution of β Polypropylene during the Sequential and Simultaneous Biaxial Stretching Process

  • Corresponding author: Feng Yang, E-mail:
  • Received Date: 2020-10-14
    Available Online: 2021-01-06

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  • In this work, the lamellar structural evolution and microvoids variations of β polypropylene (β-PP) during the processing of two different stretching methods, sequential biaxial stretching and simultaneous biaxial stretching, were investigated in detail. It was found that different stretching methods led to significantly different lamellae deformation modes, and the microporous membranes obtained from the simultaneous biaxial stretching exhibited better mechanical properties. For the sequential biaxial stretching, abundant coarse fibers originated from the tight accumulation of the lamellae parallel to the longitudinal stretching direction, whereas the lamellae perpendicular to the stretching direction were easily deformed and separated. Those coarse fibers were difficult to be separated to form micropores during the subsequent transverse stretching process, resulting in a poor micropores distribution. However, for the simultaneous biaxial stretching, the β crystal had the same deformation mode, that is, the lamellae distributed in different directions were all destroyed, forming abundant microvoids and little coarse fibers.
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