Citation: Zhong, Z. R.; Chen, Y. N.; Zhou, Y.; Chen, M. Challenges and recent developments of photoflow-reversible deactivation radical polymerization (RDRP). Chinese J. Polym. Sci. 2021, 39, 1069–1083 doi: 10.1007/s10118-021-2529-8 shu

Challenges and Recent Developments of Photoflow-Reversible Deactivation Radical Polymerization (RDRP)

  • Corresponding author: Mao Chen, E-mail:
  • Received Date: 2020-10-21
    Available Online: 2021-01-05


  • Photo-controlled reversible-deactivation radical polymerization (photo-RDRP) has been investigated as a “green” and spatiotemporally controlling pathway for polymer synthesis. While the combination of photo-RDRP and flow chemistry has offered opportunities to increase light intensity and enable uniform light irradiation, problems associated with flow approaches still remain for photoflow-RDRP, which has hindered merging flow polymerization with other cutting-edge techniques. Herein, we summarize challenges and recent achievements in photoflow-RDRP including the development of (a) droplet/slug-flow to regulate residence time distribution, (b) mixing techniques to tailor polymer, (c) polymerization induced self-assembly, and (d) computer-aided synthesis. We hope this work will provide informative knowledge to people in related fields and stimulate novel ideas to promote polymer synthesis in both academia and industry.
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